Recently I gave the new LumaBella Keratin Dual Touch Styler a whirl to see what kind of magic it could work on my hair. If you’ve followed my rants over the years you know I’ve struggled with styling techniques for extremely thin, fine hair. Nowadays I keep extensions in for body and texture, which has finally given me the thickness I’ve always longed for but also the ability to play around with different looks. The issue I face howeve is the inconsistency in texture and hair strength between my natural hair and the extensions. Finding heat tools that are strong enough to style the extensions but that don’t damage my real hair is a challenge.


The LumaBella Dual Touch Styler is one of the better tools I have found for this. The ceramic plates are infused with keratin micro-conditioners so it creates shine on both hair textures and leaves my hair feeling soft and ‘weightless’ instead of brittle or crispy – even when I’m adding waves.


One of my favourite features is the sensor strip down the centre of the one plate that automatically adjusts the temperature while I’m styling, so I never ‘fry’ my hair.

Most importantly the extensions respond immediately to the heat, so I don’t have to double style, which goes a long way in protecting my natural strand – and – the style actually holds.

Want to try it out? Use my promo code: “Laurie20” for 20% off of the Keratin Dual Touch Styler on 

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