the-rue-collective-thompson-hotel-4Every once in a while I make a point of being a tourist in my own backyard. It’s been four months since I moved home from Sydney, and in exactly a weeks time I’m moving to New York City, so I decided it was high time to cool it on the Netflix and see what else is happening around town.

I’d never been to the Thompson Toronto before so I thought I’d hide out there for a couple days and partake in my favourite hotel activities – breakfast in bed (in response to my Insta comments – yes, there were spills), rooftop rosé’s and a whole lot of bathrobe lounging.

If you’re into views, you’re getting one of the best in the city. Yes, I know, it’s not the CN Tower – but personally I prefer looking at the tower as part of the skyline instead of testing the limits of my acrophobia from within it.

I also feel the strawberry cheesecake pancakes deserve their own personal mention here for successfully ending my carb-ban with no regrets – totally worth the cals and subsequent food baby.

All in all, it was the perfect little staycation before hopping cities again.

Photos by Jeff Shuh | @jeffshuhthe-rue-collective-thompson-hotel-8the-rue-collective-thompson-hotel-2 the-rue-collective-thompson-hotel-7the-rue-collective-thompson-hotel-9the-rue-collective-thompson-hotel-5the-rue-collective-thompson-hotel-1the-rue-collective-thompson-hotel-10the-rue-collective-thompson-hotel-6 the-rue-collective-thompson-toronto-12 the-rue-collective-thompson-toronto-13the-rue-collective-thompson-hotel-11 

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  1. I love that striped top with your bathing suit! Is that an actual bathing suit top or a fun crop top? Either way, you look great in it. All of these outfits are darling, actually! I hope you had fun! And good luck on your next move.

    Sweet Horizon

    1. Hey Lovely, thanks so much! Its a crop top from Aritzia! But I’ve worn it a few times as a bikini top 🙂 Kind of a pain with tan lines though haha xx

  2. Hi beauty! I’m absolutely in love with the burgundy skirt that you are wearing on the last photograph… Where is it from? xxx

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