OLI_9556Every time I’m in New York I have a unique experience, and each time it’s just as incredible as the last. This is the beauty of the city! There’s a never ending list of things to see, places to eat and corners to explore.

Last week Jeff and I headed to Manhattan to be a part of the St Giles ‘Be Central’ campaign. We spent three days being “tourist”, capturing the excitement that surrounds the St Giles Hotels on the new Samsung 360 degree camera – but more on this later!

The recap:


The Tuscany, A St. Giles Signature Hotel – The rooftop alone is enough to sell me on this place, but it’s location is perfect as well. The rooms are spotless and the beds are the kind you have to reason with yourself to get out of or you’d stay in them forever.


Shake Shack in Madison Square Park – Of course.

Barrio Chino in East Village – Some of my favourite tacos in New York, and I eat a lot of tacos. They also have great tunes and like 50 something kinds of tequila (I can’t remember exactly on account of sampling too many). They don’t take bookings though so get there early and put your name down!

Scotty’s Diner – I love diners. Simple, delicious food in oversized portions that’s easy on the wallet. Scotty’s is exactly this, and the guys that work here are awesome. They’re also open late!

Lenwhich – Reeeally good sandwiches on the go.


Tavern On The Green – It’s right in Central Park and always has a good vibe. It’s a little on the pricer side, but worth it for the experience. Try a jug of the Blueberry, Mint Lemonade and then go for a stroll through the park!

Gelso & Grand Little Italy – Right in the middle of the action, the perfect vantage point for people watching and the Cucumber Smash is delish!

Pedro’s Bar in Dumbo – I’ve walked by this place on so many previous trips and always wanted to give it a try, so we did! They do massive Margarita Jugs, perfect thirst quencher after walking the Brooklyn Bridge. They did however run out of guacamole… … …

Photos by Jeff Shuh | @jeffshuh & yours trulythe-rue-collective-new-york-travel-diary-2the-rue-collective-new-york-travel-diary-14 the-rue-collective-new-york-travel-diary-4 the-rue-collective-new-york-travel-diary-12 the-rue-collective-new-york-travel-diary-11OLI_9705the-rue-collective-new-york-travel-diary-18 the-rue-collective-new-york-travel-diary-29the-rue-collective-new-york-travel-diary-25OLI_9995 the-rue-collective-new-york-travel-diary-13the-rue-collective-new-york-travel-diary-26the-rue-collective-new-york-travel-diary-1OLI_9477 OLI_9399 the-rue-collective-new-york-travel-diary-24OLI_9754 OLI_9970

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