the-rue-collective-general-pants-insight-denim-1-1Correct, these post disco, iconic 90’s, butt-elongators are not the most flattering of denim styles, but therein lies the ironic nature of their comeback. They’re currently a welcomed contradiction to the excess of skinny jeans that dominate my closet. But there was certainly a time when I would have been positively exasperated by the idea of them, which prompts me to reflect on the denim choices of my past…stay with me.

Grade 8, sayonara to the inseam. As it was socially unacceptable for your jeans to merely graze the bottom of your hip bones, I spent the majority of that year gripping my back belt loop in an awkward attempt to conceal my business. Conversely, this was followed by my first year of high school, where adolescence got the better of me, and instead of concealing my plumber sitch I decided to decorate it with La Senza’s finest (I know, I’m cringing too). Thankfully the Abercrombie craze wasn’t far off and before long I was unequivocally dedicated to the light stone wash and the expensively distressed. I was still in high school, but gawd I was “so ready for Uni”. Little did I know, first year of university would deliver the skinny jean, which I of course vowed never to wear. And which I of course did. Fill in the subsequent decade with an array of washes and more practical ‘rises’ and here I am, skinnies on the reg, boyfriends as a back up, and low and behold happily settled into a pair of Moms. Funny how things change, hey.  the-rue-collective-general-pants-insight-denim-7 the-rue-collective-general-pants-insight-denim-10 the-rue-collective-general-pants-insight-denim-12 the-rue-collective-general-pants-insight-denim-6 the-rue-collective-general-pants-insight-denim-8 the-rue-collective-general-pants-insight-denim-11 the-rue-collective-general-pants-insight-denim-4

Insight Denim exclusive to General Pants here

Staple the Label Jacket (similar here)

ASOS Chambray Shirt here

Mode Collective Boots here

Pacifico Sunglasses here

Shot by Helen Driscoll of Boho Tailor

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  1. This is so wonderfully written Laurie! Really enjoyed reading this. Oh, how we have gone through many phases of denim. When I was in Year 8 the hipster flare (back belt loop pulls and all) was ‘in’ with a pair of Gallaz skate shoes, but then came the skinny jean and thank goodness for that. Ever since I’ve been much like you, lots of skinnies, low and high rise, boyfriend jeans and the mom jean, and damn does it look good. Actually, I’m pretty sure we own a few of the same pairs haha.

    Your style exudes a polished effortlessness that I’m pretty sure you’d look good in just about anything!

    Kiara x //

    1. Ah yes, the hipster flare! And it would perfectly hover over the bulky skate shoe haha I dabbled in that one too. I also had a pair with a suede lace up instead of a zipper… heavy. If only we had blogs back then so there was photographic evidence haha. And yes, I’m pretty sure we have some of the same jeans too, great minds lady!
      Thanks for your kind words xx

      1. Hello! Love those jeans but can’t find the specific model. There are several Insight models but could you please tell me which insight?

        Thank you!!

  2. Ahh I could see myself in the text you have written. I always said I would never touch the flared jeans and guess what I am wearing mine A LOT now. I am quite obsessed with your instagram lately and finally now I am also reading your blog! You have such a beautiful eye for basic looks which are everything but ordinary.

    Sophie xx

  3. Ah daughter mine….such a laugh reading this….i remember all the stages and watching you adopt each new denim version. Lovely. Mumma

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