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A girlfriend of mine recently told me she’s given up wearing thongs for good which not only deepened my respect for her but directly resulted in a feng shui attack on my own underwear drawer. Obviously there is a time and place for certain styles, but day to day I’m on her same page  – comfort FTW.

Fortunately for us, we live in a time where comfortable underwear is not synonymous with parachute pants. Where cute cotton briefs are actually cute and wire-free bras are not just for sport.  We’re in an era of active wear being worn to nightclubs, so why on earth would one subject themselves to anything less when it comes to their underwear? As Hanes says, “Comydence starts from the inside out – literally.”

In continuing my partnership with Hanes, we’re again focusing on more of their pieces that start your day off right, are made to live in and that make a difference in how you feel.

In this post I’m wearing the Hanes Ultimate ComfortBlend T-Shirt Unlined Wirefree Bra paired with the Hanes Ultimate Comfort Cotton Hipster Panties. 

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  1. Wow! These pieces look super comfortable and I couldn’t agree more with Hanes’ philosophy. Comydence really starts from the inside out. If my undergarments are comfortable or don’t make me feel my best, than that definitely can effect the rest of my outfit! I love the detailing on the bra too. It’s these simple touches that make Hanes’ really stand out as a brand you want to support and wear. I’m sure you’re super busy, but I hope fashion week has be marvelous so far xx


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