daniel-wellington-watch-the-rue-collectiveEveryone needs a great watch, they’re such a timeless accessory… sorry, it was right there…

I’ve recently discovered Daniel Wellington, which may be proof that I’ve been under the old rock, but when trying to honour a promise one made to her future husband that went something along the lines of “I will spend less money on clothes” the rocks not a bad place to be.

Well, clearly I’ve crawled out, but the good news!? On top of being incredibly beautiful watches, they’re also not too hard on the bank account. And to make this even sweeter, until September 15th you guys can get 15% off everything on www.danielwellington.com by using the discount code theruecollective.

The little guy that I’m sporting above is the Classic Sheffield Lady in black, its so simple and classic and all punning aside, it really is timeless!


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  1. hi laurie,
    this watch looks amazing, also the whole pic with your camel coat (i guess its a coat and the sneakers: which label are they?)… just wanna know, if you have got the classic sheffield lady with rose gold or silver?
    nice regards,

    1. Hey Julia, thanks so much for your kind words! My coat is from Zara (about 6 months ago now), my shoes are the Classic Vans and my Sheffield Lady is in the rose gold. xx

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