In February I travelled to Cuba for my first time and fell in love with this incredible island, frozen in time and full of magic. It felt like I’d dropped on the face of the planet. For most of the trip I had no internet, no phone, no email, just the camera and a paper map… though I’d use the term ‘map’ loosely.

I’ll let the photos tell the rest of the story…

the-rue-collective-cuba-45  the-rue-collective-cuba-49 the-rue-collective-cuba-44 the-rue-collective-cuba-5  the-rue-collective-cuba-46 the-rue-collective-cuba-50 the-rue-collective-cuba-12   the-rue-collective-cuba-6  the-rue-collective-cuba-7  the-rue-collective-cuba-22 the-rue-collective-cuba-8 the-rue-collective-cuba-10  the-rue-collective-cuba-11  the-rue-collective-cuba-20 the-rue-collective-cuba-4 the-rue-collective-cuba-9 the-rue-collective-cuba-29 the-rue-collective-cuba-13 the-rue-collective-cuba-15  the-rue-collective-cuba-16 the-rue-collective-cuba-18  the-rue-collective-cuba-19     the-rue-collective-cuba-23  the-rue-collective-cuba-30 the-rue-collective-cuba-24  the-rue-collective-cuba-25  the-rue-collective-cuba-26  the-rue-collective-cuba-27    the-rue-collective-cuba-33  the-rue-collective-cuba-41 the-rue-collective-cuba-3 the-rue-collective-cuba-36  the-rue-collective-cuba-37  the-rue-collective-cuba-38  the-rue-collective-cuba-39  the-rue-collective-cuba-40

Photos by myself and Jeff Shuh.

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  1. Hi where did you stay in Cuba? Which places did you visit? I’m planning to go next year 2018 also in February.. thanks Claudia

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