It’s starting to feel like we’re never going to see the sun again in this city, which has brought a few things to my attention. One, that I am incapable of keeping track of umbrellas. Two, that I need to expand my repertoire of indoor activities in New York and three, that dressing for perpetual grey skies and rolling showers brings to light a whole new wardrobe challenge.

Schlepping around in wet socks and damp clothing is not a sacrifice I’m willing to make in the name of fash-un. However, walking countless city blocks (thanks to uber surging) in cumbersome rubber boots is equally not an option. So here’s a round up of my 5 rainy day ‘tips’ to make life a little easier in the drizzle.

  1. Waterproof your leather ankle boots and swap them in for the wellies. Unless you’re wadding through flood waters thick, knee-high rubber is not necessary.

2. Wear black, lightweight denim. It’ll dry quicker once you’re inside and won’t display signs of the rain you just copped.

3. Don’t wear silk or delicate fabrics. You’ll likely ruin them, but also, they look like hell when wet. Cotton on the other can take a beating and will also dry quickly inside.

4. Choose sturdy outwear, flimsy windbreakers are no one’s friend. A longer trench is most ideal, but leather jackets work too – just remember to wipe them down when you get indoors.

5. Invest in a sturdy umbrella – and chain it to your wrist!! That said, failing my own ability to keep track of it, I’ve resorted to quantity over quality.

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  1. We have the same situation. Rain, wind snd coldness and that sun for 2 days. Then, around and around.
    I adore every outfit you present. Wonderful photos and colours.

    1. Thanks Natasha! That is so incredibly sweet. We finally have some sunshine here in NY and it’s such a relief!

    1. Thanks Girl! Im loving all the embroidered pieces these days – which I never thought Id be into, but team it with leather and Im sold haha 🙂 xx

    1. Hey Tarryn, Thanks so much!! You are too sweet.

      I use a few different VSCO filters, but mostly J5, A6, C1, S2 – depends on the photo. But I edit everything in Lightroom with a preset I created from scratch first. I just played around with different edits until I found one I liked and then saved it. Hope this helps!

      Thanks for following and al your support 🙂

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