IMG_9804_1 Wearing: Three of Something Cami | ASOS Skirt Wanted by Wanted Heels (on sale!) | The Bad Department Bag

Recently I’ve been seriously craving some new colour in my wardrobe. This hankering isn’t a new thing, it seems to happen to me a few times a year when my natural colour spectrum consisting solely of ‘the shades’, ‘the neutrals’ and, when feeling risque, ‘the blues’, catches up with me and all I can see whilst staring at my closet is beige (though I do love beige). I guess it’s that same feeling as when you get bored with your life, motioning through the same daily routine, going to the same restaurants, eating the same salad for lunch, gawd it’s making my eye twitch just writing about it. At least a wardrobe refresh is an easy change.

Though I would hardly say this green is a far cry from neutrals, it is at least something new in comparison to said beige, and therefore feels fresh to me in it’s own moody way. Let’s call it my gateway colour to summer.

Photos by Kev Diallo

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TheRueCollective6.100_1TheRueCollective6.60_1 TheRueCollective6.54_1 TheRueCollective6.64_1 TheRueCollective6.67_1 TheRueCollective6.83_1 TheRueCollective6.62_1 TheRueCollective6.55_1 TheRueCollective6.61_1TheRueCollective6.98_1Wearing: ASOS Tunic | White Pleated Skirt (borrowed from my sister’s closet) | Mode Collective Heels | RayBan Sunnies

The tunic has been around forever, not in the dramatic sense of the word, literally forever. From the days of ancient Greece, through the middle ages, across religious contexts, right into today. For such a simple piece it’s certainly had no shortage of reinventions. I will admit, when I first tried this one on I did feel slightly like Maria before she fled the convent, yet it’s the strictly conservative style that simultaneously draws me to it – perfect for pairing back with items from the other end of the scale.

Speaking of pairing, I’ve been really enjoying my new tan bag contrasted against the monochromatic backdrop that dominates my closet. It’s been ages since I had a tan bag, and now I wonder how I went so long without. I find it so striking against black & white and whilst tan is certainly not a risky choice, it definitely brings a little something more to outfits like this.

Karen Walker Bag from Jaz & Alex Boutique

Photos by Andrew Lowndes

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The-Rue-Collective-asos-1 TheRueCollective6.37TheRueCollective6.48TheRueCollective6.39 TheRueCollective6.69 TheRueCollective6.49TheRueCollective6.45TheRueCollective6.38The-Rue-Collective-ASOS-2TheRueCollective6.44Wearing: ASOS Crop | ASOS Pleated Skirt | Dricoper DenimAlias Mae Slides

What better time to gallivant around in all white then during the onset of summer, when the humidity is on the rise and the Sydney heat is once again reminding us that it will, in fact, try to melt us. I love an all white outfit, it’s fresh and classic, and paired back with a denim jacket (temp permitting) it’ll take you from luncheon to BBQ no problem. So aside from weddings, and any event where beetroot salad appears on the menu, I plan on spending  a lot of time in white this summer.

Photos by Andrew Lowndes

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